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Stephany Blough July 30, 2014 Member Services / Visa Debit Card or MasterCard Credit Card

Fraud Protection

Have you received a call from Falcon Fraud Monitoring? Debit Cards 866 767-2432 

Have you received a call from Enfact Fraud Monitoring? Credit Card 800-279-2674


Debit Cards Blocks


Here are the blocked countries:  Please keep in mind that a purchase from one of these countries is automatic denial no matter the dollar amount.


UK- United Kingdom

CA- Canada


GB-Great Britain

LB- Lebanon

SA- Saudi Arabia

ES- Spain


LU- Luxembourg

IT- Italy

BR- Brazil

FR- France


Here are the blocked states for the USA: This means that if your purchase is over these amounts for these states it will automatically denied

New Jersey: Point of Sale Purchases and PIN Based transactions for $100 or more

Connecticut, Michigan  and VirginiaRetail Purchases (not PIN based) for $100 or more

California: Retail Purchases (not PIN based) for $200 or more

Kentucky: Macy’s purchases and Meijer purchases over $400. ( These merchants only apply to this state)

New York, California, & Georgia: All pin based (ONLY) transactions  for $100.00 and over. There is currently not a block on signature purchases at this time.  



***To have this block temporarily lifted please call 260 490-8328 or 800 825-3641.***


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