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bu Oct 21 Mobile / New Mobile APP Coming October 26, 2015

3Rivers is excited to launch a new mobile banking app which will add some new features to what you already enjoy with our current app. This new app will help us better serve you and will feature the added convenience of a single sign-on. That means you will only have one user ID and password to remember whether you are using your 3Rivers Online Account Access or the mobile app.

***If you do not remember your sign on ID or password for Online Access, please contact 260 490-8328 option 1 or visit a branch.***

Important: In order to use the new app, you will need to be enrolled in 3Rivers Online Account Access. Not enrolled? Click here to enroll now.

•Single sign-on

•Simple, secure, and quick banking

•Deposit check(s) remotely by snapping a picture with your mobile device*

•Real-time account balances

•Pay bills from within the app

•Make payments to loans and credit cards

•Transfer money between your 3Rivers accounts

•Popmoney – transfer money from your account to other people using their email or phone number. For more information about Popmoney, click here.

•Search for nearby branch locations, shared branches, and ATMs

*Remote Deposits are only compatible with devices that have auto-focus cameras. It is not compatible with fixed-focus cameras.

bu Oct 13 Member Services / MasterCard Debit Card and MasterCard Credit Card

All Visa debit cards have been closed as of 8:00 p.m. EST on October 13th. If you haven't already, you should activate and start using your new EMV MasterCard debit card. 

If you did not receive your card, please contact the Call Center at 260.490.8328 option 1 or stop into any branch to have a card printed.

bu July 30, 2014 Member Services / MasterCard Debit Card and MasterCard Credit Card

Fraud Protection

Have you received a call from Enfact (MasterCard) Fraud Monitoring (800.279.2674 or 800.262.2024) regarding your credit card or debit card? Please call back 877.253.8964 or the number they provided in the voicemail with case number.


Debit Cards Blocks

Foreign Country Blocks

Due to fraud, there are card blocks set up on specific countries. These blocks may prohibit you from using your credit and/or debit card there. Please contact us at 260.490.8328 or 800.825.3641 for assistance in setting up your card to work properly overseas if you plan to travel.


Traveling within the United States

If you are traveling within the United States and would like us to place a travel note on your account, we would be happy to do this for you. Please contact us at 260.490.8328 or 800.825.3641 for assistance. 


Wherever you travel: Be sure that your cell phone number is updated in our records so that if there are any issues, our fraud service will be able to reach you quickly. 


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