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Stephany Blough July 30, 2014 Member Services / Visa Debit Card or MasterCard Credit Card

Fraud Protection

Have you received a call from Falcon Fraud Monitoring? Debit Cards 866 767-2432 

Have you received a call from Enfact Fraud Monitoring? Credit Card 800-279-2674 or 800-262-2024 (Please call back 877-253-8964 or the number they provided in the voicemail with case number)


Debit Cards Blocks

Foreign Country Blocks

Due to fraud, there are card blocks set up on specific countries.  These blocks may prohibit you from using your credit and/or debit card there.  Please contact us at 260 490-8328 or 800 825-3641 for assistance in setting up your card to work properly overseas if you plan to travel.


States in the US Blocks

Here are the blocked states for the USA: This means that if your purchase is over these amounts for these states it will automatically be denied.

Connecticut & VirginiaRetail Purchases (not PIN based) for $100 or more

California: Retail Purchases (not PIN based) for $200 or more

New York & Georgia: All pin based (ONLY) transactions  for $100.00 and over. There is currently not a block on signature purchases at this time.  



***To have this block temporarily lifted please call 260 490-8328 or 800 825-3641.***


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