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Rhythm Tunes Rewards

All Rhythm Tunes accounts get a $10 grant at opening. The account owner can use the debit card connected to the account for purchases at Amazon and iTunes during the following qualifications cycle and we’ll refund up to $10 of those purchases.

Then, the account will get a $5 refund credit each cycle that qualifications are met. That credit is awarded the same way as the grant – purchase must be made AFTER the month the reward is earned AND using the debit card connected to the account.

In addition to the “tunes” rewards, qualifying accounts earn up to $12 in monthly Foreign ATM surcharge refunds (up to $3 per FATM transaction). Those refunds are issued at the conclusion of the rewards cycle in which they occurred.

Some additional answers to FAQ’s:

Do I have to use the rewards for “tunes” purchases?
No. You can use the rewards for ANY purchase at Amazon and/or iTunes. This includes podcasts, videos, subscriptions, memberships and gift cards.

Can we reward for other retailer purchases?
At this time, no. Rhythm Tunes rewards are limited to Amazon and iTunes purchases. However, there are ways to purchase many streaming services (like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) through ITunes and/or Amazon, which would count as a qualifying purchase.

What if I earn a reward and forget to make a purchase the next month? Can I “bank” the rewards?
Unfortunately, any earned rewards that go unclaimed will expire. Banking your rewards is not an option at this time.

Can the Tunes rewards and the ATM refunds be set to issue the same way?
Unfortunately, no, that is not an option.

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