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Why is my 3Rivers debit or credit card being declined?

Fraud Protection

Have you received a call from Enfact (Mastercard) Fraud Monitoring (800.279.2674 or 800.262.2024) regarding your credit card or debit card? If Enfact leaves a voicemail, please contact Enfact at 877.253.8964 regarding you debit card and 844.334.3874 option 2 regarding your credit card, with your case number, to verify the suspicious transactions. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 260.490.8328.


Debit Cards Blocks

Foreign Country Blocks

Due to fraud, there are card blocks set up on specific countries. These blocks may prohibit you from using your credit and/or debit card there. Please contact us at 260.490.8328 or 800.825.3641 for assistance in setting up your card to work properly overseas if you plan to travel.


Traveling within the United States

If you are traveling within the United States and would like us to place a travel note on your account, we would be happy to do this for you. Please contact us at 260.490.8328 or 800.825.3641 for assistance. 


Wherever you travel: Be sure that your cell phone number is updated in our records so that if there are any issues, our fraud service will be able to reach you quickly. 

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