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How many ways are there to apply for a loan at 3Rivers?

At first glance, that make seem to be a silly question. Need a loan? Drive to a branch.  Period. For decades, that was the way it was done. And today, you can do this at 3Rivers. Our knowledgeable, professional team will listen to your needs and match the best borrowing solution to you. And our branches are conveniently located to serve you wherever you are in our community.

But that’s only one way to apply for a loan. Did you know you can apply for a loan:

  1. ONLINE. 24/7, you can apply for a loan from home, work, wherever you can get connected to the internet, from your computer, laptop, or tablet.  It’s easy and convenient. On our main page (http://www.3riversfcu.org) at the bottom half, you will see a window scroll that says “Apply for a Loan.” Click on the “Start Now” link to begin your loan application for a vehicle, credit card, home equity, or personal loan. 
    • Note: you can also begin your mortgage loan process in the same way. On the main page, you will also see a window scrolling that says “Apply for a Mortgage.” Follow the links to start your process. 
  2. PHONE. Call our Call Center at 260.490.8328, then press 1. Ask the representative that you would like to apply for a loan. You will be connected with a member of our eServices team who will walk you through your loan. 
  3. SMART PHONE. Yes, you can apply directly from your smart phone by going to our website. Swipe to the bottom of the screen. Follow the same steps as Online (above) and you can apply whenever/wherever you are – right from your smart phone. The same is true for applying for a mortgage. 

The good news doesn’t stop here. Once your loan is approved, you can even review and sign your loan documents from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. No, really, you can do this at 3Rivers!

A couple of years ago, members of 3Rivers who had moved to Chicago applied for a vehicle loan online. Once approved, the husband remotely signed the loan documents from his office. Later that evening during a dinner party they were hosting in their home, the husband asked his wife if she had signed the loan documents. She had not. She walked into the kitchen, logged in from her smart phone, and remotely signed the loan documents. We took care of the rest the following day.

We all like options. At 3Rivers, you have many options to meet your borrowing needs. A new van? Home equity loan to fix your deck? A better credit card? Your dream home? You can now begin your lending process the way you want. And we’ll be with you all along the way.   

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